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The Supreme Court decision allows states to choose whether or not to expand health care coverage through Medicaid. If all states approve expansion, more than 15 million uninsured adults will become newly eligible for health insurance.
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Janice was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on July 6, 2009. At the time of her stage 4 diagnosis and immediate follow-up surgery, Janice worked for the state government and had Blue Cross Blue Shield in...
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Find out how expanding health care coverage through Medicaid boosts the state’s economy and creates jobs
In The News Wed, Mar, 04 Utah’s GOP-Controlled House To Hear Medicaid Expansion Plan After All Lawmakers reversed course to consider Gov. Gary Herbert's plan. Meanwhile, Texas state lawmakers reiterate that they will not expand the program and New Hampshire hospitals report fewer uninsured patients in their emergency rooms since that state expanded the insurance program for the poor. Source: kaiser health news Wed, Mar, 04 No Medicaid Expansion? No Problem For Many Safety-Net Hospital Profits In some of the largest states that did not expand Medicaid, many safety-net hospitals turned in strong performances in 2014, according to financial documents. Source: kaiser health news Tue, Mar, 03 Texas GOP Leaders Say They Won’t Expand Medicaid Republican lawmakers asked the Obama administration for greater flexibility to administer the state-federal insurance program and reiterated their lack of interest in expanding eligibility under the federal health law. Source: kaiser health news Tue, Mar, 03 NAACP Joins Fight To Expand Medicaid In N.C. Medicaid also makes news in Texas, where some lawmakers set a marker for what they want from an expansion while others there decry the program's larger cost. Source: kaiser health news Tue, Mar, 03 State Highlights: Budget Proviso Would Delay KanCare Home Health Expansion; NYC’s Rikers’ Health Care Contract A selection of health policy stories from Kansas, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Georgia and Oregon. Source: kaiser health news Mon, Mar, 02 Date Set For Ariz. High Court Case On Funding For Medicaid Expansion Elsewhere, Florida is scheduled to lose $1 billion in federal health funds at the end of June and that is threatening the governor's budget. But the low-income hospitals that have funding at stake see the issue as a way to bolster the case for Medicaid expansion. Source: kaiser health news Mon, Mar, 02 State Highlights: State Medicaid Fraud Units Net More Than $2B A selection of health policy stories from Connecticut, Georgia, California, Maryland, Texas, Idaho, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Wisconsin, Kansas and Washington. Source: kaiser health news Sun, Mar, 01 Economy boosts safety-net hospitals in states not expanding Medicaid Hospitals that treat many poor and uninsured patients were expected to face tough financial times in states that did not expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.That’s because they would get less Medicare and Medicaid funding under the health-care law, while still having to provide high leve... Source: washington post Fri, Feb, 27 National Briefing | Rockies: Utah: Governor Spars Over Medicare Expansion Gov. Gary Herbert criticized the Utah House on Thursday for deciding not to consider his plan for expanding Medicaid. Source: new york times Fri, Feb, 27 Volokh Conspiracy: James Blumstein on the Administration, the IRS and the ACA: Will the courts rein in the president’s pen? Below is a guest post by James Blumstein, university professor of constitutional law and health law and policy at Vanderbilt Law School and director of the Vanderbilt Health Policy Center. Blumstein is a noted health law and administrative law scholar who testified on the IRS tax credit rule in 2012... Source: washington post