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The Supreme Court decision allows states to choose whether or not to expand health care coverage through Medicaid. If all states approve expansion, more than 15 million uninsured adults will become newly eligible for health insurance.
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Sally Grimshaw was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer in 2001. Due to a previous diagnosis of MS at age 28, Sally was forced to leave her job in her early 30s. As a childless adult she did not qua...
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Find out how expanding health care coverage through Medicaid boosts the state’s economy and creates jobs
In The News Wed, May, 04 Aide To S.D. Gov. Says Federal Policy Changes Could Make It Easier To Expand Medicaid State officials are checking whether changes in federal policy for covering Native Americans' Medicaid costs could free up funding for Medicaid expansion. Also in the news, Louisiana's governor says his plan to expand Medicaid will help hospitals, and Arkansas political leaders applaud the legislati... Source: kaiser health news Wed, May, 04 Alabama Medicaid Funding Bill Dies In Senate Committee Dispute The bill, which would have allocated money received because of the 2010 Gulf oil spill, failed to pass a Senate committee after a rift over how to fund roads. Outlets also report on Medicaid news in Maryland, Idaho, Arkansas and Arizona. Source: kaiser health news Wed, May, 04 Maryland Seeks Federal OK To Speed Ex-Inmates’ Medicaid Access Maryland proposes an innovative program to temporarily enroll former inmates in Medicaid with few questions asked. Source: kaiser health news Tue, May, 03 Federal Medicaid Officials Extend $3.1B Texas Hospital Funding Temporarily The money had been scheduled to end because states had the opportunity to expand Medicaid, which would provide relief to hospitals. Texas opted not to expand the program. Source: kaiser health news Tue, May, 03 Obama Tells Iowa Woman That Her Medicaid Concerns ‘Will Remain On My Mind’ The president's letter was a response to the woman's concern that Iowa's move to privately managed Medicaid will disrupt services for her daughter. News outlets also report on the Iowa governor's latest statements about that transition and developments in Michigan, Alaska and Florida. Source: kaiser health news Tue, May, 03 Governor Unveils ‘Healthy Louisiana’ Name For Medicaid Expansion Meanwhile, Gov. John Bel Edwards faces key challenges as his administration rolls out the program to expand Medicaid coverage to more low-income residents while also battling to fix the state's budget shortfall. Source: kaiser health news Mon, May, 02 Medicaid Rules On Managed Care Could Put Power Of Reform In States’ Hands New federal proposals show some of the challenges for states as Medicaid managed care operations grow. Also news on Medicaid from Iowa, New York, Kansas and Oklahoma. Source: kaiser health news Fri, Apr, 29 Administration Expands Medicaid To Cover Former Prisoners In Halfway Houses People who are still incarcerated are not eligible for the program, but there had been questions previously about their eligibility once they moved to a halfway house. The administration also wants correction departments to begin signing up prisoners before they are released to help ease the transit... Source: kaiser health news Fri, Apr, 29 BP Oil Spill Settlement Will Be Used To Fund Medicaid Under Alabama Plan The Alabama House approved a proposal for allocating the $1 billion that BP will pay the state, including $70 million for the state’s Medicaid program -- which says it needs an additional $85 million to survive next year. Source: kaiser health news Fri, Apr, 29 HHS Acts To Help More Ex-Inmates Get Medicaid Obama administration broadens eligibility for those in halfway houses, but advocates for former prisoners say HHS and states must do far more. Source: kaiser health news