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The Supreme Court decision allows states to choose whether or not to expand health care coverage through Medicaid. If all states approve expansion, more than 15 million uninsured adults will become newly eligible for health insurance.
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For most of her adult life, Ruthe Ann had insurance through her job. In 2004 her employer stopped providing health insurance and in 2008 Ruthe Ann lost her job. In 2009 Ruthe Ann was diagnosed wit...
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Find out how expanding health care coverage through Medicaid boosts the state’s economy and creates jobs
In The News Wed, Jun, 29 Will Louisiana’s Medicaid Expansion Be A Harbinger For Georgia? Louisiana’s decision to accept the federal health law program to provide coverage to more low-income residents is being watched around the South, including in Georgia, where deep-seated opposition is showing some small signs of cracks. Source: kaiser health news Tue, Jun, 28 Louisiana Medicaid Expansion Offers Released Inmates A Lifeline Without access to health care, many inmates often end up back in prison. While the Medicaid expansion offers this vulnerable population hope, many questions remain as the the July 1 expansion nears. Source: kaiser health news Tue, Jun, 28 With Louisiana Medicaid Expansion, Released Inmates Offered A Lifeline Without access to health care, many inmates often ended up back in prison. But although the Medicaid expansion offers this vulnerable population hope, many questions remain as the the July 1 expansion nears. Source: kaiser health news Tue, Jun, 28 Calif. Governor Signs Law Limiting Medi-Cal Estate Recovery Program Previously the state was allowed to seize a deceased person's assets to get reimbursed for its Medi-Cal contribution to a patient's medical care. Now, it will only be able to recover what was spent on long-term care needs. In other news, Three North Texas cab company executives have agreed to pay $1... Source: kaiser health news Mon, Jun, 27 Ky. Governor’s Medicaid Plan Draws Complaints About Impact Of Tougher Eligibility, New Fees Advocates argue that the changes Gov. Matt Bevin has proposed would drive tens of thousands of low-income residents out of the program. Also in the South, Louisiana is going the other direction and has signed up more than 225,000 people as part of its expansion of Medicaid. Source: kaiser health news Fri, Jun, 24 Facing Deep Funding Cuts For Children With Disabilities, Texas Democrats Ask Feds To Step In As Texas officials prepare to cut $350 million in state and federal funding from Medicaid, which covers pediatric therapy services, Democrats in the state look to CMS to intervene. In other news, a look at those who fall into the "coverage gap" in Missouri. Source: kaiser health news Thu, Jun, 23 300 Charged In Largest Takedown Of Medicare, Medicaid Fraud In U.S. History The nationwide sweep exposed alleged kickbacks, embezzlement and fake claims, and involved various kinds of fraud in diverse areas of health care, ranging from prescription drugs to home health care to physical therapy, the Department of Justice announced. Source: kaiser health news Thu, Jun, 23 In Ky., Bevin Issues Ultimatum To Feds On Medicaid Expansion Gov. Matt Bevin tells the the federal Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services that if his plan is not approved there will be no expansion at all. Meanwhile, in Louisiana, health officials report that more than 220,000 have enrolled in the state's expanded low-income health insurance program. Source: kaiser health news Wed, Jun, 22 With N.H.L. Expansion, Las Vegas Hits the Jackpot: A Pro Team With the country’s top leagues becoming less fearful of gambling, the N.H.L.’s 30 governors unanimously voted to add a team in Las Vegas. The N.F.L. could follow. Source: new york times Wed, Jun, 22 Kansas Contractor Faces $750K Fine For Medicaid Backlog Error Media outlets also report on other Medicaid news out of Ohio, Kentucky, California, Florida, New York and Maryland. Source: kaiser health news