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The Supreme Court decision allows states to choose whether or not to expand health care coverage through Medicaid. If all states approve expansion, more than 15 million uninsured adults will become newly eligible for health insurance.
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shared stories Janice from SC
Janice was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on July 6, 2009. At the time of her stage 4 diagnosis and immediate follow-up surgery, Janice worked for the state government and had Blue Cross Blue Shield in...
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Find out how expanding health care coverage through Medicaid boosts the state’s economy and creates jobs
In The News Fri, Nov, 17 Medicaid Expansion Takes A Bite Out Of Medical Debt Medical debt is down across the country. In states that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, the reduction is sharper. Source: kaiser health news Wed, Nov, 15 Trump Administration Plan to Add Medicaid Work Requirement Stirs Fears The recent announcement by a top administration official that the federal government will entertain requests to implement work requirements for many adult Medicaid enrollees has raised concerns among advocates for the program. Source: kaiser health news Tue, Nov, 14 Policy Thoughts: Weighing The Wisdom Of Using The ACA To Pay For Tax Cuts; Have Efforts To Scrap Obamacare Made It Stronger? Opinion writers offer their thoughts on a range of health policy topics, including future congressional efforts to move on the Alexander-Murray bill, the importance of access to health insurance and the latest on Medicaid from Ohio and Iowa. Source: kaiser health news Tue, Nov, 14 Some States Roll Back ‘Retroactive Medicaid,’ A Buffer For The Poor — And For Hospitals The retroactive payments provide protection for poor patients who can be enrolled in Medicaid after becoming seriously ill. That enrollment process takes time, and the look-back provision helps guarantee coverage they would have been entitled to if they had enrolled earlier. Source: kaiser health news Mon, Nov, 13 Maine Gears Up For Funding Fight Next Year Over Medicaid Expansion The governor says he won't implement the expansion approved by voters in a referendum this month unless lawmakers fully fund it. Elsewhere in the news, other states consider the Maine experience while considering their own voter referendums on expansion, one family in Iowa bemoans the experiences tr... Source: kaiser health news Fri, Nov, 10 Federal Medicaid Chief Again Raises Concerns About Effect Of Expansion Seema Verma, who heads up the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, says the federal health law should not have opened Medicaid to nondisabled adults because it "stretched the safety net" and imperils care for those who need it. Source: kaiser health news Fri, Nov, 10 For Years GOP Used Health Care As Political Weapon, But Election Suggests Tables Have Turned Democrats won big on Tuesday, including on a ballot initiative to expand Medicaid in Maine. The results seem to signal that health care is no longer a winning issue for Republicans. Source: kaiser health news Thu, Nov, 09 Election Results Invigorate Medicaid Expansion Hopes Passage of a referendum in Maine and Democratic gains in Virginia mean two more states may expand Medicaid soon. Advocates hope for more successes next year. Source: new york times Thu, Nov, 09 Election Results Invigorate Medicaid Expansion Hopes Passage of a referendum in Maine and Democratic gains in Virginia mean two more states may expand Medicaid soon. Advocates hope for more successes next year. Source: new york times Thu, Nov, 09 Trump Official Says Medicaid Expansion Needs Big Changes Medicaid was never designed for low-income but able-bodied adults and is unsustainable without major changes, a top Trump administration health official said. Source: wall street journal

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